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Sunday, August 10, 2008

PRIME- Chapter 14

14. The Two Strangers

The moonlight shone brightly on the walls of Flintop’s Mansion even in the dreary dark midnight.
The figures inside the house were having a deep sleep. The lawn to the left observed some movements; some brown woodland shoes dirtied the lawn’s grass, trampling small pink flower they approached the house and ceased at their destination- the window.
The moonlight shone over his brown apparel looking like a white stream flowing over mud.
Soon the figure reached at the window who was greeted by another figure.
‘You are late’ said the insider.
‘I don’t care I want money’ replied the stranger, his voice of Italian assent.
‘I don’t have’
‘I want it damn you’
‘Ol’ right just wait for a while’
‘I want to be back… back in our business do you understand.’
‘O.k. bye for now’
With that the fellow descended along the path of green grass shining with white moonlight, the insider also went back to sleep in the midst of dark.

But there wasn’t sleep in the alfresco, how did the stranger knew that he had to encounter another stranger not with brown but black clothing, having more power than him and longer in height. The longer one grabbed the shorter and enveloped his wet lips with a white satin handkerchief, resulting in unconsciousness of the short stranger, who fell in the grass and was then thrown away in the back seat of his black Ford.
Then with his work done the stranger went on the house proudly like it was his owned property, and he too like the first one stopped at the window, another figure appeared not the same, his voice was different from the first and so was the stranger’s, but still familiar.
The stranger asked the insider ‘I am sick. Now when I have to show up’
‘Wait up’ was the reply
‘See either you do it a nice quite way or I’ll use the blow-up head technique’
‘Don’t talk like a paid pope’
‘You just gimme time… a day or two, you go we’ll come’
‘Ol’ rite’ replied the stranger and he slipped away...

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

PRIME- Chapter 13

13. Pamella Johnson

The arduous eyes began to open up, tardily. The pale eyes regained their colour to find out huge ivory walls around them. The owner of the eyes arosed up to find a nicely decorated room, glassy doors reflected his face, turning to the opposite wall he found a caramel brown desk near a purple fluffy chair, on the desk was a grey black lenovo laptop, which had something behind it, something that was seen when the laptop was shut down.
A splendid and lanky figure stood up, urbane to her dress-up, navy blue apparel consisting of a coat, a skirt between mini and full. A figure so beautiful had a dark side, a cacophonic voice which tore off the dreams of Fintop.
‘Hi! I am Pamella Johnson’ spoke the lady.
No thanks was the reply from Flintop who stuffed himself in the chair, sighing deep breaths.
‘Awkward’ she said to herself.
‘Where the hell I am’ Fintop spoke up, forgetting about manners and all that useless formal stuff.
‘FBI’s extra branch’ replied the lady with innocence
‘Fuckin’ Bastard Idiots’ replied the angry Flintop
‘Hey you’ sassed Pamella
‘And that’s how you bring people in your shitty office… the shit of a polar bear… white as ji… forget it’
‘Control your emotions’
‘It has nothing to do with my emotions’
‘I have a work with you’
‘I don’t work with working girls’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Now that proves you a moron’
‘Hey remain in your limits’
‘I am in my limits’ said Flintop as he investigated his pockets deeply.
‘Your tool’s with me’
‘Yes it is inside you’
‘Cut the bullshittin’ crap and ask what you have to’
‘So Mr. Flintop…’
‘You can call me darling’
‘Now that proves you are a dog… I want your case’
‘So you have thrown me here to beg… which case, suite case do you want to try my underwears or something else that wont fit in there’
‘Shut the hell up you bastard… I want that “13 floor” case.’
‘Huh! Do you think you can handle it, even after you know that I am sleeping… err sitting with you.’
‘I don’t care of a damn’ asshole like you… three more people had died, and I want to investigate about them.’
‘So what I have to do’
‘Just sign here’ Pamella passed on few papers.
‘Then people will know I am alive, and the case will be closed.’ Flintop took the papers, stared at them, then swept it over his face and throwing it at the face opposite to him.
‘How dare you?’ replied Pamella with a twang.
‘How great is God to give you this longitudinally perfect nose, Do you use it everytime?’
‘Not your business’
‘Certainly not’
‘You are signing on the papers which say that if you die or are at any position, the case wont be looked after your secretary but me’
‘Sounds good but firstly papers don’t speak and secondly I will never sign on your toilet papers.’
Pamella exhausted, opened her laptop and yelled ‘Peter send away a mail to San Sensational that Flintop is alive and he is thrown out of his house’
‘No’ replied Flintop
‘Ya Baby! Now your so called respect will vanish.’ Said Pamella firmly ‘And you Peter be fast send them the mail’
‘By the way do you have a peter?’
‘Ya he reads mail, sends them’
‘And you?’
‘Sit here eating nails and abusing your husbands and fathers’
‘Is it sent’
‘No mam’ replied the voice
‘I am chatting with my girlfriend’ replied Peter which caused Flintop to chuckle.
‘Peter this is the last time, send it to San Sensational or you will be fired’
‘o’ Right mam just a minute.’
‘ Flintop you have just a minute to decide’
‘Decide what?’
‘To sign or not’
‘I have decided not but you are forcing me’
‘Ya I am’
‘Don’t panic these aren’t your divorce papers’
‘10 seconds that’s it’
‘O.K listening to a beautiful but intolerable woman isn’t a sin’
Flintop stood up, demanded for a pen, parker one, uncapped it and signed off.
‘Was this what you wanted?’
‘Ya sure… stop Peter’… ‘Ya mam’
Flinop after signing was staring at the lady.
‘Now what’ she asked.
‘Can we…’ before Flintop could complete his sentence a known figure appeared interrupting him.
‘Finally conscious’ replied Assen Troulley.
‘So it was you who…’ Flintop fixed his eyes at Assen full with rage approaching towards him, his anger reaching zenith.
Before Flintop could reach towards Assen, Pamella pushed the chair which slid over the floor pushing Flintop, who flew off through the glass door as Assen stroked his leg with Fintop’s.

‘Ba bye’ replied Assen and Pamella with a bad grin.
‘You’ll pay for it’ replied Flintop dusting off his clothes.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

PRIME- Chapter 12


‘Gimme one’ the figure approached the bartender with his face lowered.
‘Your voice sounds similar. Le’me guess… You are’
‘Flintop, Bob now pass on one glass of beer man, I am pissed off’
‘Why Flinty why’
‘Don’t give a damn you, JUS GIMME THE BEER’ Flintop groaned
‘All right all right go to corner that’s the best place for pissed off people.’
With this Flintop began walking to the bar filled with goons, lawyers, ministers, oldies, criminals, pimps.
The Darkness engulfed the bar.
A little electric bulb at the centre gave out a little feeling of light. Igniting the bar’s horror image.
People face could hardly be seen, shadowy faces, dangerous eyes, horrific voices plunged into the four walled, dull but popular bar, the reason being most inexpensive alcoholic stuff.

Flintop finally slipped in a golden brown tinny armchair supported by a grey wall. He faced a console table of the same color, laying his elbows on the console table, his hands throttling his face.
The hands soon left contact from his face as a stocky figure appeared and presented a beer glass over a cafeteria tray with reddish brown beer in it and snow white fizz over it.
‘Sir your beer’ the stocky sommelier spoke.
‘What?’ Filntop murmured.
‘Sir Beer’
‘Ya sir! You asked for it’
‘I never asked for beer, I asked for chilled beer.’
‘Oh I am sorry sir! Enjoy your CHILLED beer’
With the thanks of Flintop, the beer glass exchanged hands.
‘Really Chilled!’
‘Thanks sir’
Flintop fastened his fingers around the glass, stared at the face of the waiter, grinned with his mouth wide open.
‘THANKSSSSSSSS’ acknowledged Flintop again, then the waited realized this was the call for him to buzz off.
Flintop quaffed up the drink, and excitedly asked for more.
And before the waiter could supplement his next demand, Flintop felt pale, his eyes reddened, his face meandered, he lost his control and consciousness and fell off at the floor.

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