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Friday, December 28, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 11

11. The Fight

Soon the hands replaced the tongue and both the men found them laying hands on each other.
‘I am warning you Flintop’ Grevelauy groaned.
‘You warning me’ Flintop replied with bitterness.
‘Ya motherfucker this aint ya houz so that you pee on’ Grevelauy said with his brows reaching their peak.
Both faces were red in rage, looking for each other’s blood, the eyes burning hot.
‘Now you wanchya father to come back beat your ass and thrash you out of the living’
‘Ah yeah really then have it’
Both fused their hands, breaking the finger joints.
Flintop jostled Grevelauy dragging him and thrashing his back along the dining, cracking down the plates filled with chilled omelattes.
Grevelauy blocked Flintop’s next push and replied with a harsh blow compelling Flintop to collapse with the book rack, bringing down a few heavy novels to crush his head under.
‘Father’s a father always you asshole’ Grevelauy said angrily directing his foot towards the head of Flintop, who grabbed it at a sudden, ripped it over throwing him over himself at one of the wooden chairs, breaking its arms.
Jenafur tried his best to cease all this, but was thrashed away for his useless innocence at the door.
Soon Flintop gained his control and stiffened his fists around the neck of Grevelauy, extracting spews from him, flooding Flintop’s mouth causing him to miss Jenafur.
As Flintop left Grevelauy, Grevelauy pushed him hard, throwing him over the table, smashing the table at the center,breaking his back, Grvelauy stood up and held Flintop throwing him on the ground.

Suddenly a knock at the door paused Grevelauy.
Jenafur opened the door and a figure appeared.
Short and slim, dressed black, cap over head, looking puzzled with his spooky nose.
‘Hi Troulley’ Jenafur greeted the figure panicking.
‘Whazzup’ replied the police officer ‘Sad to know of his death’
‘Yeah’ said Jenafur still panicking.
‘What happened whats going on, where’s the sound coming from’ Assen inquired peering his head here and there, Jenafur trying to block his view.
‘What the hell are you doing’ Assen pushed Janeafur to a side, and was surprised to see the view.
‘You come with me’ Jenafur tried to take him away from the non-sense happening.
‘Go ta hel’ Asssen pushed Jenafur aside and when the view came in his sight his jaw dropped.
‘Flintop yalive” boggled Assen when the fist of Flintop snaffled the neck of Grevelauy.
With the voice reaching his ears, his fists dropped the neck of Grevelauy who also ceased the fight.
Flintop raised to his feet, dusting off his trousers.
‘Assen’ Flintop mumbled.
Assen approached Fintop ‘Glad to see you alive but whats the whole stuff behind?’ inquired Assen.
‘Hey don’t start inquiring bullshit, it’s a long story jus’ tell him that this house is no more his, its now mine and my big bro’s property’ bragged Grevelauy.
‘Hey ya!’ Flintop grumbled.
Assen tried to control the situation and spoke in favor of Grevelauy ‘Sorry Flintop, but since ya dead to the whole world this house now belongs to them…don’t panic you had just signed this property off to Jenafur and his family members in case you die’
‘But’ Flintop couldn’t handle this everyone was against it.
‘Sorry Flintop! But you have to leave’ replied Assen
‘Oh!’ Flintop sighed ‘I have to leave’
‘Ya fuckin asshole’ Flintop grabbed Assen,gave him a hard push forcing his temple to strike the edge of door.
‘You’ll pay for it’ replied Assen annoyingly. ‘You damn’ pay for it’ with this reply Assen slipped through the house and drove away.
‘Now will you please’ Grevelauy gave a pleasant smile at the face of Flintop, who was gazing at the brothers, one glad and one sad.
He slipped through the entrance and disappeared.

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