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Friday, December 28, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 11

11. The Fight

Soon the hands replaced the tongue and both the men found them laying hands on each other.
‘I am warning you Flintop’ Grevelauy groaned.
‘You warning me’ Flintop replied with bitterness.
‘Ya motherfucker this aint ya houz so that you pee on’ Grevelauy said with his brows reaching their peak.
Both faces were red in rage, looking for each other’s blood, the eyes burning hot.
‘Now you wanchya father to come back beat your ass and thrash you out of the living’
‘Ah yeah really then have it’
Both fused their hands, breaking the finger joints.
Flintop jostled Grevelauy dragging him and thrashing his back along the dining, cracking down the plates filled with chilled omelattes.
Grevelauy blocked Flintop’s next push and replied with a harsh blow compelling Flintop to collapse with the book rack, bringing down a few heavy novels to crush his head under.
‘Father’s a father always you asshole’ Grevelauy said angrily directing his foot towards the head of Flintop, who grabbed it at a sudden, ripped it over throwing him over himself at one of the wooden chairs, breaking its arms.
Jenafur tried his best to cease all this, but was thrashed away for his useless innocence at the door.
Soon Flintop gained his control and stiffened his fists around the neck of Grevelauy, extracting spews from him, flooding Flintop’s mouth causing him to miss Jenafur.
As Flintop left Grevelauy, Grevelauy pushed him hard, throwing him over the table, smashing the table at the center,breaking his back, Grvelauy stood up and held Flintop throwing him on the ground.

Suddenly a knock at the door paused Grevelauy.
Jenafur opened the door and a figure appeared.
Short and slim, dressed black, cap over head, looking puzzled with his spooky nose.
‘Hi Troulley’ Jenafur greeted the figure panicking.
‘Whazzup’ replied the police officer ‘Sad to know of his death’
‘Yeah’ said Jenafur still panicking.
‘What happened whats going on, where’s the sound coming from’ Assen inquired peering his head here and there, Jenafur trying to block his view.
‘What the hell are you doing’ Assen pushed Janeafur to a side, and was surprised to see the view.
‘You come with me’ Jenafur tried to take him away from the non-sense happening.
‘Go ta hel’ Asssen pushed Jenafur aside and when the view came in his sight his jaw dropped.
‘Flintop yalive” boggled Assen when the fist of Flintop snaffled the neck of Grevelauy.
With the voice reaching his ears, his fists dropped the neck of Grevelauy who also ceased the fight.
Flintop raised to his feet, dusting off his trousers.
‘Assen’ Flintop mumbled.
Assen approached Fintop ‘Glad to see you alive but whats the whole stuff behind?’ inquired Assen.
‘Hey don’t start inquiring bullshit, it’s a long story jus’ tell him that this house is no more his, its now mine and my big bro’s property’ bragged Grevelauy.
‘Hey ya!’ Flintop grumbled.
Assen tried to control the situation and spoke in favor of Grevelauy ‘Sorry Flintop, but since ya dead to the whole world this house now belongs to them…don’t panic you had just signed this property off to Jenafur and his family members in case you die’
‘But’ Flintop couldn’t handle this everyone was against it.
‘Sorry Flintop! But you have to leave’ replied Assen
‘Oh!’ Flintop sighed ‘I have to leave’
‘Ya fuckin asshole’ Flintop grabbed Assen,gave him a hard push forcing his temple to strike the edge of door.
‘You’ll pay for it’ replied Assen annoyingly. ‘You damn’ pay for it’ with this reply Assen slipped through the house and drove away.
‘Now will you please’ Grevelauy gave a pleasant smile at the face of Flintop, who was gazing at the brothers, one glad and one sad.
He slipped through the entrance and disappeared.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 10

10. Break-it-Fast

The stinking eggy piece of crap lay on the bone china dish, waiting to be stuffed in someone’s mouth.
‘What’s in for breakfast’ Flintop asked as he checked his mouth. ‘Omelet’ was the reply.
‘Uff iz stinkin’ Flintop said ‘I need to brush up ma teeth’
‘Yeah the smell’s flooding the room’ Grevelauy said chuckling.
‘Really’ asked Flintop lowering his head towards Grevelauy, who just was jerked back by the smell, touching the surface as his chair fell down.
‘All right, All right I am goin’ Flintop said as he directed himself towards the bathroom.
Within minutes he whooped ‘Is it fine now?’
‘Yeah yeah’ said Grevelauy uninterestedly.
‘So can we start over’ asked Jenafur.
‘Lets start’ Flintop said ‘and no damn prayer I am damn hungry’
All the three slipped in the chairs, held out the spoons and forks, cut over the omelet into pieces stuffed them in their mouths ate it, criticized it, puked it.
‘What the hell’ Flintop roared.
‘Its not that bad’ Grevelauy interrupted.
‘It is damn bad and you don’t need to tell me whats good and whats not’ argued Flintop
‘Who are you to say his food is bad’
‘His boss’
‘Sorry but you arent’
Jenafur tried to settle them down but in vain.
‘And how the hell you say I am not’
‘Coz you’re dead, dead to the world’
‘So what’
‘So this house is no more your property, I have the papers, ass hole’
‘Remain in your limits’
‘No I won’t’
‘Okay so why do I need to remain in mine’ shouted Flintop as he stood up thrashing up the table.
‘You want a fight’
‘No I want you’...

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Monday, November 19, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 9


‘So you want to know how?’ Flintop removed his cap placed it at the centre of the nearby table.
‘Ya I wanna know how a dead can be alive and alive can be dead.’ Grevelauy replied haughtily.
‘So don’t you know how an alive can be dead?’
‘I meant to say…’
‘I know I know… its all about the 3B’s’
‘3B’s’ both the brother said at the same time, looking hooked.
‘What do you mean?’ asked Grevelauy staring at Flintop.
‘What do I mean?
‘I survived that bullshit who tried to kill me’
‘How man how?’
‘I am not a damn’ fool, I have got money and when I visit some sick hotels, I use that bloody money to buy a bullet proof vest’
‘That’s the first B’
‘Yeah good guess Gravy…’
‘Hey my name is Grevelauy’
‘Whatever alloy… I had a 2 cent tomato ketchup pouch in my shirt’s pocket which fortunately was in front of my bullet proof vest, the sauce spilled and so the blood helped me.’
‘Helped you?’
‘Yeah it did’
‘I could feel the pleasure of seeing Jenafur cry’
‘Very funny’
‘The third B… I finally held my breath for few minutes after those pallbearers threw me in’
‘Very smart’
‘That I am’
‘But where were you till then’
‘The Granny’s house’
‘The Granny’s house’
‘Yeah can’t I visit my Granny’s house and do I need to ask you or your brother before visiting my grandma’
At the same moment Jenafur appeared
‘Hey Jen where had you gon?’ Flintop asked
‘Kitchen trying my hand for you and Gravelauy-The breakfast’s ready’

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PRIME- Chapter 8

8.Back Again

A figure was walking in around 4 in the dawn. There was chill in the air. Surrounded by the mist he was going somewhere, somewhere his destination among the few mansions around he chose the one.
He opened the threshold cautiously, slipped in one of the dark rooms- the library. The figure placed him in a wooden chair, pulled out a magazine from the nearby shelf and put it over his face.
The wooden table next to the chair had two wine glasses. The figure went dizzy and the magazine slipped,
Slipped and slid away, tumbled over the table, collided with the glass and it fell down, broke into pieces.
The figure was alarmed and so was the other person living there.
The door of other room opened, a half sleepy figure appeared.
‘Who the hell is here now?’ the inhabitant asked.
‘Your father’ the figure replied.
‘How dare you damn’ you’
‘I am very daring, you ass hole’
‘Hey you’
The other figure appeared and asked ‘Hey Jen who the hell’s there?’
‘Well then let me find it out’ the other inhabitant spoke as drew close to the figure sitting, before he could touch the figure, the light was switched on.
‘Wait Grevelauy’ cried Jenafur.
‘Why?’ Grevelauy turned facing Jenafur.
‘He’s Flintop’ squalled Jenafur.
‘Flintop! Holy Crap!’ Grevelauy exclaimed. ‘But he was dead’
‘I don’t know’ Jenafur replied. ‘But it’s a great news that sir’s alive’ said Jenafur in a joyful manner.
Grevelauy pressed his shoulder and asked to Flintop ‘But how?’

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Friday, October 5, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 7

7. The Stranger

The door was knocked…once, twice. And the figure finally decided to enter the room. The muddy impression of the brown leather woodland shoes was left on the white marbled floor.
The room the figure entered was entirely dark.
‘Hi Clauwen’ a cold voice uttered.
The figure woke up and asked angrily, ‘Who the hell is fuckin in now?’
‘Your father motherfucker’ the other figure replied.
‘Who’ inquired clauwen as he sat on his butts ,switched on the table lamp.
‘You’ shouted Clauwen with fear, his eyes telling his fear, sweats slipping from his cheeks.
‘But how could you…’
‘Everything is possible is this fuckin world…Isn’t it son’
‘You didn’t die but now you would’ Said Clauwen killing his fear with a bad grin ‘Guaa…’
But before he could yell the whole word, the tip of the revolver in the stranger’s hand was stuffed in the stinking mouth.
‘Now you money fucker, for how much you were sold?’
Sick sounds were poking out of his mouth, he could not say anything.
Flintop slowly removed the remover… ‘Guaa…’
‘You mother fucker, next time you try to gua, You’ll see your ass hole rusted. Now Speak’
Flinop said as he removed the revolver aiming at him. ‘Now fuck out’
With a terror he finally uttered ‘ya ya know him’
Flintop grinned ‘Thanks’ and shot down the table lamp and everything went under darkness.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 6

6. “I Know I61”

They were drunk partially, talking of their old times. Suddenly they heard a screech of a car which ceased near their house.
‘Who the fuck is here now’ Grevelauy muttered and stood up as he approached the window.
‘CRRRACK’ the sound summoned, a paper wrapped over a stone thrashed the window pane, and broke it, the patterns of the cracks put their impression on the window and the stone struck Grevelauy’s forehead. ‘Crap’ cried Grevealauy, Jenafur stood up. The screech egressed off the car, the car startled and it sped up.
‘Go catch it’ cried Grevelauy. Jenafur ran towards the broken window pane, jumped through it.
There was dark all over, he could just see the rear lights of the car and number plate? Painted black, even the car.

Jenafur chased, car raced, 100 meters were enough for his eyes to be red, sweats to drain through his pale face, drenching his shirt. Huffing and puffing, he harked back to home.
Grevelauy resting over the wooden chair, ‘He on his way and you on yours! Isn’t it Brosir’ Grevelauy mouthed.
‘Well what’s Brosir ’huffed Jenafur drinking a glass of water.
‘I invite you to become my boss’
‘You- detective, I- secretary’
‘Can’t I Be?’
‘Of course, you can but what’s it- Brosir?’
‘You are my brother and boss sir- Brosir’
‘O.K’ Jenafur muttered as he forwarded to his room which was Flintop’s.
‘Wait’ uttered Grevelauy and as Jenafur heard it he halted.
‘Now what?’ asked Jenafur in a dizzy tone
‘By the way what is I61’ inquired Grevelauy.
‘I61’ Jenafur seemed a little stunned at this word. ‘How the hell you came to know about it?’
‘Well the paper over that stone says something like “I KNOW I61’’’
‘What’ Jenafur drew near Grevelauy, seized the paper, stared at it ‘Well it’s not a big fuckin’ thing I61 is a code which I used, still use’
‘Like 007 for James Bond’
‘He’s a detective and you are a secretary’
‘Now I am also a detective… but who the hell knows it’

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 5

Sitting on the wooden chair, lost in the dark, Jenafur opened the cap of the Scotch whiskey, stuffing his face in his hands, he held out one wine glass from the shelf nearby, poured in the liquor. But before his lips could touch the rim of the wine glass, a knock at the door let the whisky fell out of the glass. He hesitated to stand, but before he could do that too, the figure entered and went straight forward to meet the other figure. Still not clearly visible in the dark.
‘Hey who are you?’ asked Jenafur
‘Don’t know me’ the other figure asked.
‘Who are you now?’
‘Your brother’
‘My brother’
‘Grevelauy’ Jenafur said as he switched on the lights. He face was filled with a look of surprise, happiness which changed back into a look full of depression. He seated back at the original position.
‘Hey! Whazzup Jen why is your face hangin’ like a piece of banana, crushed banana?’
‘No it’s not that’
‘Then what it is’
‘You know my boss’
‘That dickhead’
‘Hey he’s not that’
‘So what has happened to him?’
‘Flintop Sir are murdered’
‘Murdered! That’s really a bad news- so that’s why you were drinking’
‘I’ve just touched the glass- I’m drinking for his death and my success’
‘Your success in his death’
‘No! Damn you- the mayor has charged me the duty of the detective’
Grevealauy jumping to his knees. ‘Oh really! That’s great news- one for me too’
‘And why’ Jenafur began to speak as he took out another wine glass and began pouring liquor in it. ‘You didn’t told me why you here after a long time’
‘Just here don’t ya know I’ve finished my training’
‘Oh! So lets have it for that’ Jenafur said jollily as he struck the glasses "CHEERS" both spoke.
‘Isn’t it bitterer? Grevelauy inquired.
‘Ya tastes like’ Jenafur replied.
‘Hope you have added water’ Grevelauy said.
‘ Water, the one thing I always forget.’ Jenafur told as both cheered once again.

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PRIME- Chapter 4

4. Jenafur Strikes.
The door of Jenafur’s unfolded as the clock striked 10. He was traumatized as he discovered something on the floor. It was Flintop, Flintop Jones dead. Tears flowed from his eyes. At the sudden the hotel’s manager appeared. ‘What, What the hell, who did it- murder in my hotel Call on, Call the police’ he squalled in grief.
But before the police force occurred, a white limousine drove near the hotel. A whole crowd surrounded the hotel.
For getting one glimpse, just one glimpse of the mayor – Horcksheam Pigimi known for his loose tongue.
‘Oh shit! It’s the mayor now’ muffled ‘He will kill me for this death’ he said as he brimmed over to the lift.
Down he went to receive the all mighty mayor Horcksheam Pigimi. Huge dreadful eyes showing anger, frustration.
‘Sir!Sir!Sir! Please come .Welcome to Seve….’
‘Shut your ass you…’
‘Cut it, you ass hole- Take me to the murder spot’
‘Which murder Sir?’
‘Don’t fuck with me, don’t dare do’
‘All right sir-Have the lift sir’
‘Do you think I will use those stairs rather?’
‘No sir’
‘Hell no’Pigimi said as he entered the lift ‘Do you know you are standing with whom’
‘Sir you’
‘A waiter with a mayor’
‘Sir I am the manager of this hotel’
‘You look like a thrown away banana peel’ Pigimi launched spits off his mouth while shouting to him. He extracted out a brand new cigar ‘geek havin’ a lighter’ asked Pigimi
Roben checked his trousers pockets but wasn’t able to find it.
‘Bastard’ roared Pigimi as he drew off a lighter from his own pocket, lighted it up, touched Roben’s hand with the tip of cigar.
Roben yelped, Pigimi grinned and on they reached their destination the 11th Floor.
Pigimi stared ‘Damn fuck, is it Flintop’ he uttered as his face showed the expression of grief.
‘Ya sir’ replied the manager
‘Blast you, damn fucker, cant you call security you, ass hole- you knew that a great personality like Flintop needs cover’ scolded Pigimi. ‘And who is this bastard cryin’ at his body’ inquired Pigimi as he pointed Jenafur.
‘Sir he is Flintop’s secretary’
‘Good! Detective gets killed in your hotel and secretary remains alive’
Roben shook his head down
‘Hey you’ called out Pigimi to Jenafur
‘What’ Jenafur replied
‘You are Flintop’s secretary’
‘You look depressed by his death’
‘I am depressed by sir’s death’
‘Ya he was quite a nice person… now as he is dead- I think you shall become the detective in place of him’
‘I- detective’
‘Ya you- detective’
‘Fuck the butts, you are the new detective, by the way what’s your name?’
‘Jenafur Joley’
‘Jenafur Joley – the detective is better’

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Friday, June 15, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 3

3. The Thirteenth Floor

The button pressed was 13 but, actually it wasn’t .The door of the lift opened and another door appeared. It was the 12th floor. Flintop was surprised, but he gave another try he pushed the golden door 13 was engraved on it. Flintop rubbed his head hard to think upon it, but the door opened automatically, Flintop slipped in, it was really dark all around, then suddenly all the lights flashed and dimmed once, twice, thrice. Flintop closed his eyes and when he opened them all was dark, there was a severe chill in the room. Then 13 appeared in red light at the wall to the left of him. Suddenly a cold voice was heard. A man was standing there although hew could not be seen because of the dark.
‘Hi’ the voice said
‘Who the hell are you? ’ Flintop questioned
‘Don’t you know’ said the man as he took out some sort of an object- a revolver and aimed it at the chest of Flintop. ‘You will know sooon’
Flintop begged ‘No No’. He tried to extract the revolver from his pocket, but could no find it.
Flintop stepped backwards, the door opened, another door opened ‘No’ Flintop cried.
‘Good bye Sir Jones’ said the man with a smirk. He pressed the trigger, the bullet flew until it reached its aim-Flintop’s chest. He felt a jerk and was down off to the flooring.
‘It’s the prime crime time babe’ he said and reached the floor.
He was lying flat on the ground ,still and dead ...

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Friday, June 8, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 2


Flintop saw sharply around the nicely decorated hotel walls.
‘Nice hotel! Mr. Clauwen’
‘Thanks sir!’
And then the manager showed Flintop the way to the hall of the hotel.
There was a large royal crowd sitting on the red carpet specially spread for Flintop.
The departments of police, FBI were gathered in one corner of the stage. Ove Thakey
Was going to present him the award for the greatest detective to him, he was the head of the law department. The figures in the corner were gossiping and trying to show happiness for him, however they were jealous of him, which they were hiding off.
‘So the award goes to… you know who… Its Mr. Flintop Jones’ announced Thakey as there was a loud applause for him. ‘Mr. Flintop Jones –“The Greatest Detective of U.S.A- San fransisco’.
Flintop was happy. His five years efficiency had done it.
‘Thanks for the award and you think I’ll deliver a damn long speech, a borin’ speech in front of you, then you are wrong. But still I am the greatest detective because of you people who always fall into troubles…Thank you” declared Flintop as he grinned.
The crowd in and out of the hotel gathered and a stampede began as the people were begging Flintop for autographs, but he gave it to some ladies and slipped down to his car. The manager ran down to stop him and urged him to stay in his hotel for few days. ‘Sir please, please sir’ he pleaded. After many pleadings Flintop agreed.
‘O.K! But just for three days’
‘Just three days sir, just three…...”
Flintop’s room was at the 11th floor- Room no. 757.It was a special room for him.
‘Such a nice and well decorated room. Thanks Mr.….’
‘Thanks Mr. Clauwen’
‘But where will your secretary stay? .’
‘In my room only’
‘O.K Sir, any help’
‘No! You can leave’
The room was very well decorated with candles…it had a 40” TV, a luxurious bed, nice bathroom and every thing nice. Flintop ate, stayed, swimmed well for two days at the hotel, but it was looking that something bad was going to happen on the third day.
He had to leave the hotel tonight, but unexpectedly it was a heavy rain and the roads had been blocked. He and I61 were in extreme tension.
‘Now what’ll happen sir’ I61 asked.
‘Nothing! Few more days of luxury are written in our luck.
‘And what’
‘Nothing sir’
‘You go sleep; I want to go to the balcony to see the falling rain drops’
‘O.K sir’
he stepped out of the door and found out that some sounds were coming from the top floor and then suddenly a brutally beaten body fell down at the foot of Flintop.
‘13’ it said and died.
He turned back, and another dead body fell, on its forehead a nail was struck into the forehead of the body and “13’’ was written with an arrow up
Again a dead body fell on which “13th floor” was engraved with a knife. He went to the reception, but no one was there, he went to his own room and he found that Jenafur was sleeping in the bed.
‘It’s something related to the thirteenth floor. I must go there’ said Flintop to himself.
He boarded the lift and pressed “1”and “3” together.

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Friday, June 1, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 1

I have tried my bit on this e-novel.
The name is PRIME
Feel free to comment
This one is a sort of detective suspense stories.
13+Abusive Content ...O.k 17+

The greatest detective of U.S.A. , San Francisco – Flintop Jones was sitting on a wooden chair in a gloomy room. His face had small traces of little beard grown, his eyes were slim, his hair dark brown, his nose thin. He was among those detectives who solved their cases in few days with his great brain. But this time he was annoyed and disappointed for his last case- A rich man Vince Davidson tried to play a trick on Flintop and he was successful, in that case no one was killed and no one was killer. It was quite a shame for him to get involved in such a silly case for more than a month, so he was depressed.
The room was big having shelves filled with heavy books. Reading novels during free time was his hobby.
After a short while the door of his room opened, bringing a flash of light into the dark room.
‘So you are back with another stupid case’ the harsh voice of Flintop said to the figure entering the room.
‘No Sir! It’s not like the last time’ replied the person. He was wearing a brown jacket having a little irritating look, his eyes and nose were thin ,he was wearing a cap over his oval head. He was Jenafur Joley I61 (code)
‘Better it’s not Jenuf! But what’s the matter ’asked Flintop.
‘Sir it’s not a case, but a function- a function in the hotel “The Seven Seas Stay”.’
‘Function! For what?’
‘You’ll be surprised to know that... the function’s for you sir.’
‘The function’s for you’
‘You have got the award of honour for the best detective’
‘Are you joking?’
‘No way’
Flintop’s face changed from red to white… back in joy. Flintop got ready wearing on his black jacket. He left the house along with Jenafur Joley I61 in his long black shining Ford.
It wasn’t a long journey. It took just an hour to reach the destination.
‘Welcome! Welcome Mr. Flintop, Mr. Flintop Jones. Welcome to our hotel. The seven seas stay is on the way sir. I am Clauwen, Roben Clauwen- the manager of this hotel.’ Said the man having a dark moustache, fat nose, small elephant like eyes and small height, as they entered the huge door of the beautiful hotel. The hotel had thirteen floors. It was huge and magnificent and was one of the greatest hotels of san fransisco- also called the “Pride of Sans”.

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kickstarting this blog!

I really wanted to start up my blog for a loooooong time...
and now i kickstart my new blog "V.CoL" with this poem written by me.


I Stand, stand tall in the middle of a ground,
For no other trees appear around.
For I am the only one left alone,
As all the trusted trees have gone,
I stand, stubborn, stubborn like a rock,
The harsh winds pass me and I block.

Hoping that I last for some more days…
Before the humans run on me



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