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Friday, October 5, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 7

7. The Stranger

The door was knocked…once, twice. And the figure finally decided to enter the room. The muddy impression of the brown leather woodland shoes was left on the white marbled floor.
The room the figure entered was entirely dark.
‘Hi Clauwen’ a cold voice uttered.
The figure woke up and asked angrily, ‘Who the hell is fuckin in now?’
‘Your father motherfucker’ the other figure replied.
‘Who’ inquired clauwen as he sat on his butts ,switched on the table lamp.
‘You’ shouted Clauwen with fear, his eyes telling his fear, sweats slipping from his cheeks.
‘But how could you…’
‘Everything is possible is this fuckin world…Isn’t it son’
‘You didn’t die but now you would’ Said Clauwen killing his fear with a bad grin ‘Guaa…’
But before he could yell the whole word, the tip of the revolver in the stranger’s hand was stuffed in the stinking mouth.
‘Now you money fucker, for how much you were sold?’
Sick sounds were poking out of his mouth, he could not say anything.
Flintop slowly removed the remover… ‘Guaa…’
‘You mother fucker, next time you try to gua, You’ll see your ass hole rusted. Now Speak’
Flinop said as he removed the revolver aiming at him. ‘Now fuck out’
With a terror he finally uttered ‘ya ya know him’
Flintop grinned ‘Thanks’ and shot down the table lamp and everything went under darkness.

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