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Monday, November 19, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 9


‘So you want to know how?’ Flintop removed his cap placed it at the centre of the nearby table.
‘Ya I wanna know how a dead can be alive and alive can be dead.’ Grevelauy replied haughtily.
‘So don’t you know how an alive can be dead?’
‘I meant to say…’
‘I know I know… its all about the 3B’s’
‘3B’s’ both the brother said at the same time, looking hooked.
‘What do you mean?’ asked Grevelauy staring at Flintop.
‘What do I mean?
‘I survived that bullshit who tried to kill me’
‘How man how?’
‘I am not a damn’ fool, I have got money and when I visit some sick hotels, I use that bloody money to buy a bullet proof vest’
‘That’s the first B’
‘Yeah good guess Gravy…’
‘Hey my name is Grevelauy’
‘Whatever alloy… I had a 2 cent tomato ketchup pouch in my shirt’s pocket which fortunately was in front of my bullet proof vest, the sauce spilled and so the blood helped me.’
‘Helped you?’
‘Yeah it did’
‘I could feel the pleasure of seeing Jenafur cry’
‘Very funny’
‘The third B… I finally held my breath for few minutes after those pallbearers threw me in’
‘Very smart’
‘That I am’
‘But where were you till then’
‘The Granny’s house’
‘The Granny’s house’
‘Yeah can’t I visit my Granny’s house and do I need to ask you or your brother before visiting my grandma’
At the same moment Jenafur appeared
‘Hey Jen where had you gon?’ Flintop asked
‘Kitchen trying my hand for you and Gravelauy-The breakfast’s ready’

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PRIME- Chapter 8

8.Back Again

A figure was walking in around 4 in the dawn. There was chill in the air. Surrounded by the mist he was going somewhere, somewhere his destination among the few mansions around he chose the one.
He opened the threshold cautiously, slipped in one of the dark rooms- the library. The figure placed him in a wooden chair, pulled out a magazine from the nearby shelf and put it over his face.
The wooden table next to the chair had two wine glasses. The figure went dizzy and the magazine slipped,
Slipped and slid away, tumbled over the table, collided with the glass and it fell down, broke into pieces.
The figure was alarmed and so was the other person living there.
The door of other room opened, a half sleepy figure appeared.
‘Who the hell is here now?’ the inhabitant asked.
‘Your father’ the figure replied.
‘How dare you damn’ you’
‘I am very daring, you ass hole’
‘Hey you’
The other figure appeared and asked ‘Hey Jen who the hell’s there?’
‘Well then let me find it out’ the other inhabitant spoke as drew close to the figure sitting, before he could touch the figure, the light was switched on.
‘Wait Grevelauy’ cried Jenafur.
‘Why?’ Grevelauy turned facing Jenafur.
‘He’s Flintop’ squalled Jenafur.
‘Flintop! Holy Crap!’ Grevelauy exclaimed. ‘But he was dead’
‘I don’t know’ Jenafur replied. ‘But it’s a great news that sir’s alive’ said Jenafur in a joyful manner.
Grevelauy pressed his shoulder and asked to Flintop ‘But how?’

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