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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 10

10. Break-it-Fast

The stinking eggy piece of crap lay on the bone china dish, waiting to be stuffed in someone’s mouth.
‘What’s in for breakfast’ Flintop asked as he checked his mouth. ‘Omelet’ was the reply.
‘Uff iz stinkin’ Flintop said ‘I need to brush up ma teeth’
‘Yeah the smell’s flooding the room’ Grevelauy said chuckling.
‘Really’ asked Flintop lowering his head towards Grevelauy, who just was jerked back by the smell, touching the surface as his chair fell down.
‘All right, All right I am goin’ Flintop said as he directed himself towards the bathroom.
Within minutes he whooped ‘Is it fine now?’
‘Yeah yeah’ said Grevelauy uninterestedly.
‘So can we start over’ asked Jenafur.
‘Lets start’ Flintop said ‘and no damn prayer I am damn hungry’
All the three slipped in the chairs, held out the spoons and forks, cut over the omelet into pieces stuffed them in their mouths ate it, criticized it, puked it.
‘What the hell’ Flintop roared.
‘Its not that bad’ Grevelauy interrupted.
‘It is damn bad and you don’t need to tell me whats good and whats not’ argued Flintop
‘Who are you to say his food is bad’
‘His boss’
‘Sorry but you arent’
Jenafur tried to settle them down but in vain.
‘And how the hell you say I am not’
‘Coz you’re dead, dead to the world’
‘So what’
‘So this house is no more your property, I have the papers, ass hole’
‘Remain in your limits’
‘No I won’t’
‘Okay so why do I need to remain in mine’ shouted Flintop as he stood up thrashing up the table.
‘You want a fight’
‘No I want you’...

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adrain said...

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really a versatile blog!!

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manorath said...

hey u have a nice style buds... i stil ve to read the part b4 this to get into the plot well

Arjun said...

Interesting buddy....
I'll read the other parts as well to understand it better...
Anyways, nice post...
Keep Writing...


Comfortably Numb said...

Cant understand it that well...Yea maybe I need to read the other parts too..Will be back!


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now its starting to gain interest

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gud blog ... 4m where u got da rating code .. plz forward that link

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