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Sunday, August 10, 2008

PRIME- Chapter 14

14. The Two Strangers

The moonlight shone brightly on the walls of Flintop’s Mansion even in the dreary dark midnight.
The figures inside the house were having a deep sleep. The lawn to the left observed some movements; some brown woodland shoes dirtied the lawn’s grass, trampling small pink flower they approached the house and ceased at their destination- the window.
The moonlight shone over his brown apparel looking like a white stream flowing over mud.
Soon the figure reached at the window who was greeted by another figure.
‘You are late’ said the insider.
‘I don’t care I want money’ replied the stranger, his voice of Italian assent.
‘I don’t have’
‘I want it damn you’
‘Ol’ right just wait for a while’
‘I want to be back… back in our business do you understand.’
‘O.k. bye for now’
With that the fellow descended along the path of green grass shining with white moonlight, the insider also went back to sleep in the midst of dark.

But there wasn’t sleep in the alfresco, how did the stranger knew that he had to encounter another stranger not with brown but black clothing, having more power than him and longer in height. The longer one grabbed the shorter and enveloped his wet lips with a white satin handkerchief, resulting in unconsciousness of the short stranger, who fell in the grass and was then thrown away in the back seat of his black Ford.
Then with his work done the stranger went on the house proudly like it was his owned property, and he too like the first one stopped at the window, another figure appeared not the same, his voice was different from the first and so was the stranger’s, but still familiar.
The stranger asked the insider ‘I am sick. Now when I have to show up’
‘Wait up’ was the reply
‘See either you do it a nice quite way or I’ll use the blow-up head technique’
‘Don’t talk like a paid pope’
‘You just gimme time… a day or two, you go we’ll come’
‘Ol’ rite’ replied the stranger and he slipped away...

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