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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 6

6. “I Know I61”

They were drunk partially, talking of their old times. Suddenly they heard a screech of a car which ceased near their house.
‘Who the fuck is here now’ Grevelauy muttered and stood up as he approached the window.
‘CRRRACK’ the sound summoned, a paper wrapped over a stone thrashed the window pane, and broke it, the patterns of the cracks put their impression on the window and the stone struck Grevelauy’s forehead. ‘Crap’ cried Grevealauy, Jenafur stood up. The screech egressed off the car, the car startled and it sped up.
‘Go catch it’ cried Grevelauy. Jenafur ran towards the broken window pane, jumped through it.
There was dark all over, he could just see the rear lights of the car and number plate? Painted black, even the car.

Jenafur chased, car raced, 100 meters were enough for his eyes to be red, sweats to drain through his pale face, drenching his shirt. Huffing and puffing, he harked back to home.
Grevelauy resting over the wooden chair, ‘He on his way and you on yours! Isn’t it Brosir’ Grevelauy mouthed.
‘Well what’s Brosir ’huffed Jenafur drinking a glass of water.
‘I invite you to become my boss’
‘You- detective, I- secretary’
‘Can’t I Be?’
‘Of course, you can but what’s it- Brosir?’
‘You are my brother and boss sir- Brosir’
‘O.K’ Jenafur muttered as he forwarded to his room which was Flintop’s.
‘Wait’ uttered Grevelauy and as Jenafur heard it he halted.
‘Now what?’ asked Jenafur in a dizzy tone
‘By the way what is I61’ inquired Grevelauy.
‘I61’ Jenafur seemed a little stunned at this word. ‘How the hell you came to know about it?’
‘Well the paper over that stone says something like “I KNOW I61’’’
‘What’ Jenafur drew near Grevelauy, seized the paper, stared at it ‘Well it’s not a big fuckin’ thing I61 is a code which I used, still use’
‘Like 007 for James Bond’
‘He’s a detective and you are a secretary’
‘Now I am also a detective… but who the hell knows it’

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