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Saturday, June 23, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 5

Sitting on the wooden chair, lost in the dark, Jenafur opened the cap of the Scotch whiskey, stuffing his face in his hands, he held out one wine glass from the shelf nearby, poured in the liquor. But before his lips could touch the rim of the wine glass, a knock at the door let the whisky fell out of the glass. He hesitated to stand, but before he could do that too, the figure entered and went straight forward to meet the other figure. Still not clearly visible in the dark.
‘Hey who are you?’ asked Jenafur
‘Don’t know me’ the other figure asked.
‘Who are you now?’
‘Your brother’
‘My brother’
‘Grevelauy’ Jenafur said as he switched on the lights. He face was filled with a look of surprise, happiness which changed back into a look full of depression. He seated back at the original position.
‘Hey! Whazzup Jen why is your face hangin’ like a piece of banana, crushed banana?’
‘No it’s not that’
‘Then what it is’
‘You know my boss’
‘That dickhead’
‘Hey he’s not that’
‘So what has happened to him?’
‘Flintop Sir are murdered’
‘Murdered! That’s really a bad news- so that’s why you were drinking’
‘I’ve just touched the glass- I’m drinking for his death and my success’
‘Your success in his death’
‘No! Damn you- the mayor has charged me the duty of the detective’
Grevealauy jumping to his knees. ‘Oh really! That’s great news- one for me too’
‘And why’ Jenafur began to speak as he took out another wine glass and began pouring liquor in it. ‘You didn’t told me why you here after a long time’
‘Just here don’t ya know I’ve finished my training’
‘Oh! So lets have it for that’ Jenafur said jollily as he struck the glasses "CHEERS" both spoke.
‘Isn’t it bitterer? Grevelauy inquired.
‘Ya tastes like’ Jenafur replied.
‘Hope you have added water’ Grevelauy said.
‘ Water, the one thing I always forget.’ Jenafur told as both cheered once again.

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