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Saturday, June 23, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 4

4. Jenafur Strikes.
The door of Jenafur’s unfolded as the clock striked 10. He was traumatized as he discovered something on the floor. It was Flintop, Flintop Jones dead. Tears flowed from his eyes. At the sudden the hotel’s manager appeared. ‘What, What the hell, who did it- murder in my hotel Call on, Call the police’ he squalled in grief.
But before the police force occurred, a white limousine drove near the hotel. A whole crowd surrounded the hotel.
For getting one glimpse, just one glimpse of the mayor – Horcksheam Pigimi known for his loose tongue.
‘Oh shit! It’s the mayor now’ muffled ‘He will kill me for this death’ he said as he brimmed over to the lift.
Down he went to receive the all mighty mayor Horcksheam Pigimi. Huge dreadful eyes showing anger, frustration.
‘Sir!Sir!Sir! Please come .Welcome to Seve….’
‘Shut your ass you…’
‘Cut it, you ass hole- Take me to the murder spot’
‘Which murder Sir?’
‘Don’t fuck with me, don’t dare do’
‘All right sir-Have the lift sir’
‘Do you think I will use those stairs rather?’
‘No sir’
‘Hell no’Pigimi said as he entered the lift ‘Do you know you are standing with whom’
‘Sir you’
‘A waiter with a mayor’
‘Sir I am the manager of this hotel’
‘You look like a thrown away banana peel’ Pigimi launched spits off his mouth while shouting to him. He extracted out a brand new cigar ‘geek havin’ a lighter’ asked Pigimi
Roben checked his trousers pockets but wasn’t able to find it.
‘Bastard’ roared Pigimi as he drew off a lighter from his own pocket, lighted it up, touched Roben’s hand with the tip of cigar.
Roben yelped, Pigimi grinned and on they reached their destination the 11th Floor.
Pigimi stared ‘Damn fuck, is it Flintop’ he uttered as his face showed the expression of grief.
‘Ya sir’ replied the manager
‘Blast you, damn fucker, cant you call security you, ass hole- you knew that a great personality like Flintop needs cover’ scolded Pigimi. ‘And who is this bastard cryin’ at his body’ inquired Pigimi as he pointed Jenafur.
‘Sir he is Flintop’s secretary’
‘Good! Detective gets killed in your hotel and secretary remains alive’
Roben shook his head down
‘Hey you’ called out Pigimi to Jenafur
‘What’ Jenafur replied
‘You are Flintop’s secretary’
‘You look depressed by his death’
‘I am depressed by sir’s death’
‘Ya he was quite a nice person… now as he is dead- I think you shall become the detective in place of him’
‘I- detective’
‘Ya you- detective’
‘Fuck the butts, you are the new detective, by the way what’s your name?’
‘Jenafur Joley’
‘Jenafur Joley – the detective is better’

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