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Friday, June 8, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 2


Flintop saw sharply around the nicely decorated hotel walls.
‘Nice hotel! Mr. Clauwen’
‘Thanks sir!’
And then the manager showed Flintop the way to the hall of the hotel.
There was a large royal crowd sitting on the red carpet specially spread for Flintop.
The departments of police, FBI were gathered in one corner of the stage. Ove Thakey
Was going to present him the award for the greatest detective to him, he was the head of the law department. The figures in the corner were gossiping and trying to show happiness for him, however they were jealous of him, which they were hiding off.
‘So the award goes to… you know who… Its Mr. Flintop Jones’ announced Thakey as there was a loud applause for him. ‘Mr. Flintop Jones –“The Greatest Detective of U.S.A- San fransisco’.
Flintop was happy. His five years efficiency had done it.
‘Thanks for the award and you think I’ll deliver a damn long speech, a borin’ speech in front of you, then you are wrong. But still I am the greatest detective because of you people who always fall into troubles…Thank you” declared Flintop as he grinned.
The crowd in and out of the hotel gathered and a stampede began as the people were begging Flintop for autographs, but he gave it to some ladies and slipped down to his car. The manager ran down to stop him and urged him to stay in his hotel for few days. ‘Sir please, please sir’ he pleaded. After many pleadings Flintop agreed.
‘O.K! But just for three days’
‘Just three days sir, just three…...”
Flintop’s room was at the 11th floor- Room no. 757.It was a special room for him.
‘Such a nice and well decorated room. Thanks Mr.….’
‘Thanks Mr. Clauwen’
‘But where will your secretary stay? .’
‘In my room only’
‘O.K Sir, any help’
‘No! You can leave’
The room was very well decorated with candles…it had a 40” TV, a luxurious bed, nice bathroom and every thing nice. Flintop ate, stayed, swimmed well for two days at the hotel, but it was looking that something bad was going to happen on the third day.
He had to leave the hotel tonight, but unexpectedly it was a heavy rain and the roads had been blocked. He and I61 were in extreme tension.
‘Now what’ll happen sir’ I61 asked.
‘Nothing! Few more days of luxury are written in our luck.
‘And what’
‘Nothing sir’
‘You go sleep; I want to go to the balcony to see the falling rain drops’
‘O.K sir’
he stepped out of the door and found out that some sounds were coming from the top floor and then suddenly a brutally beaten body fell down at the foot of Flintop.
‘13’ it said and died.
He turned back, and another dead body fell, on its forehead a nail was struck into the forehead of the body and “13’’ was written with an arrow up
Again a dead body fell on which “13th floor” was engraved with a knife. He went to the reception, but no one was there, he went to his own room and he found that Jenafur was sleeping in the bed.
‘It’s something related to the thirteenth floor. I must go there’ said Flintop to himself.
He boarded the lift and pressed “1”and “3” together.

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