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Friday, June 15, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 3

3. The Thirteenth Floor

The button pressed was 13 but, actually it wasn’t .The door of the lift opened and another door appeared. It was the 12th floor. Flintop was surprised, but he gave another try he pushed the golden door 13 was engraved on it. Flintop rubbed his head hard to think upon it, but the door opened automatically, Flintop slipped in, it was really dark all around, then suddenly all the lights flashed and dimmed once, twice, thrice. Flintop closed his eyes and when he opened them all was dark, there was a severe chill in the room. Then 13 appeared in red light at the wall to the left of him. Suddenly a cold voice was heard. A man was standing there although hew could not be seen because of the dark.
‘Hi’ the voice said
‘Who the hell are you? ’ Flintop questioned
‘Don’t you know’ said the man as he took out some sort of an object- a revolver and aimed it at the chest of Flintop. ‘You will know sooon’
Flintop begged ‘No No’. He tried to extract the revolver from his pocket, but could no find it.
Flintop stepped backwards, the door opened, another door opened ‘No’ Flintop cried.
‘Good bye Sir Jones’ said the man with a smirk. He pressed the trigger, the bullet flew until it reached its aim-Flintop’s chest. He felt a jerk and was down off to the flooring.
‘It’s the prime crime time babe’ he said and reached the floor.
He was lying flat on the ground ,still and dead ...

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