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Friday, June 1, 2007

PRIME- Chapter 1

I have tried my bit on this e-novel.
The name is PRIME
Feel free to comment
This one is a sort of detective suspense stories.
13+Abusive Content ...O.k 17+

The greatest detective of U.S.A. , San Francisco – Flintop Jones was sitting on a wooden chair in a gloomy room. His face had small traces of little beard grown, his eyes were slim, his hair dark brown, his nose thin. He was among those detectives who solved their cases in few days with his great brain. But this time he was annoyed and disappointed for his last case- A rich man Vince Davidson tried to play a trick on Flintop and he was successful, in that case no one was killed and no one was killer. It was quite a shame for him to get involved in such a silly case for more than a month, so he was depressed.
The room was big having shelves filled with heavy books. Reading novels during free time was his hobby.
After a short while the door of his room opened, bringing a flash of light into the dark room.
‘So you are back with another stupid case’ the harsh voice of Flintop said to the figure entering the room.
‘No Sir! It’s not like the last time’ replied the person. He was wearing a brown jacket having a little irritating look, his eyes and nose were thin ,he was wearing a cap over his oval head. He was Jenafur Joley I61 (code)
‘Better it’s not Jenuf! But what’s the matter ’asked Flintop.
‘Sir it’s not a case, but a function- a function in the hotel “The Seven Seas Stay”.’
‘Function! For what?’
‘You’ll be surprised to know that... the function’s for you sir.’
‘The function’s for you’
‘You have got the award of honour for the best detective’
‘Are you joking?’
‘No way’
Flintop’s face changed from red to white… back in joy. Flintop got ready wearing on his black jacket. He left the house along with Jenafur Joley I61 in his long black shining Ford.
It wasn’t a long journey. It took just an hour to reach the destination.
‘Welcome! Welcome Mr. Flintop, Mr. Flintop Jones. Welcome to our hotel. The seven seas stay is on the way sir. I am Clauwen, Roben Clauwen- the manager of this hotel.’ Said the man having a dark moustache, fat nose, small elephant like eyes and small height, as they entered the huge door of the beautiful hotel. The hotel had thirteen floors. It was huge and magnificent and was one of the greatest hotels of san fransisco- also called the “Pride of Sans”.

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