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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kickstarting this blog!

I really wanted to start up my blog for a loooooong time...
and now i kickstart my new blog "V.CoL" with this poem written by me.


I Stand, stand tall in the middle of a ground,
For no other trees appear around.
For I am the only one left alone,
As all the trusted trees have gone,
I stand, stubborn, stubborn like a rock,
The harsh winds pass me and I block.

Hoping that I last for some more days…
Before the humans run on me



Tina said...

All the trusted trees have gone

Referring to frnds who betrayed u or wat?

u should write more poems shiv


Shiva said...

this is just a personification of tree...
not me

ricky said...

hey shiva the poem or better to stay literature is quite good and saying about trusted trees have gone. this is one of the biggest truth of life the one you believe on are the one that betrays you and blades may be you are refering to the hollowness in relationship and hypocrisy thats all around...i have an suggestion if you could provide a little summary in easy words i think it would be great.... but really good work done and i appreciate all your efforts will return back.....

kekedascully said...

Excellentt poem.
I really love it.

Misty Rhythm said...

strong words..sound like quite the activist thr! :)

Attila said...

aha, an environmentalist!! the world needs one badly..

Sarah Rahman said...

Nice one.

I am glad to meet a fellow poet :)

The legend writer said...

LB!!!!!!!!! Poetry!!!!!! OMFG!!!! I never knew you have even attempted this ever! lol. Good I found it! I liked it. Very nice attempt. You should definitely write more poems :) Way to go LB!!! mwahssss!


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