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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

PRIME- Chapter 12


‘Gimme one’ the figure approached the bartender with his face lowered.
‘Your voice sounds similar. Le’me guess… You are’
‘Flintop, Bob now pass on one glass of beer man, I am pissed off’
‘Why Flinty why’
‘Don’t give a damn you, JUS GIMME THE BEER’ Flintop groaned
‘All right all right go to corner that’s the best place for pissed off people.’
With this Flintop began walking to the bar filled with goons, lawyers, ministers, oldies, criminals, pimps.
The Darkness engulfed the bar.
A little electric bulb at the centre gave out a little feeling of light. Igniting the bar’s horror image.
People face could hardly be seen, shadowy faces, dangerous eyes, horrific voices plunged into the four walled, dull but popular bar, the reason being most inexpensive alcoholic stuff.

Flintop finally slipped in a golden brown tinny armchair supported by a grey wall. He faced a console table of the same color, laying his elbows on the console table, his hands throttling his face.
The hands soon left contact from his face as a stocky figure appeared and presented a beer glass over a cafeteria tray with reddish brown beer in it and snow white fizz over it.
‘Sir your beer’ the stocky sommelier spoke.
‘What?’ Filntop murmured.
‘Sir Beer’
‘Ya sir! You asked for it’
‘I never asked for beer, I asked for chilled beer.’
‘Oh I am sorry sir! Enjoy your CHILLED beer’
With the thanks of Flintop, the beer glass exchanged hands.
‘Really Chilled!’
‘Thanks sir’
Flintop fastened his fingers around the glass, stared at the face of the waiter, grinned with his mouth wide open.
‘THANKSSSSSSSS’ acknowledged Flintop again, then the waited realized this was the call for him to buzz off.
Flintop quaffed up the drink, and excitedly asked for more.
And before the waiter could supplement his next demand, Flintop felt pale, his eyes reddened, his face meandered, he lost his control and consciousness and fell off at the floor.

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Comfortably Numb said...

YOu described it just about perfectly!

kanika said...

nice post cheers.....

C R D said...

nice description..are u writing a novel? is this an extract?

huzefa said...

nyc blog dear

lonelyreddevil said...

nyc post...

Dragon said...

nicely written..cheers..

David said...

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i had done blogroll for some time ago

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unpretentious_diva said...

so, I reached here today!

willing to see further soon where yu take the story further.

Shayan said...

shit! I missed the earlier parts!

would have to look thru those man!!

unpretentious_diva said...

I think you should write further chapters now :|

Tshhar Mangal said...

great work
keep it up

Tina Angelin said...

Superb......very will described...dnt leave this unfinshed...write more chapyers..lookin forward to see see ur othr posts..


bullishKRITI said...

quite detailed...i could easily visualize it..
my blog http://dontmendthewall.blogspot.com/

Sandeep Balan said...

chp 12 has got me to go thru the other chapters as well....gud one...

Hakuna Matata said...

woah, didnt see flintop giving in

Attila said...

hmm.. nice.. so this is how flintop gets caught..

Anonymous said...

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